About Me
As highly intuitive and empathic, I became aware early on that I was picking up on energies that weren't mine. These came in the form of other people's emotions, thought forms, planetary energies, and a variety of other things.
During this time, I began using divinely guided frequencies and soul healing to clear energy and bring myself back into connection with my Source (Higher Self, Divinity, whatever you wish to call it!). This connection allowed me to begin "flowing with life," instead of feeling as if I was constantly being affected by outside influences.
A few years ago, I was given the name *Enlightened Energy* in a dream. Upon awakening, I was so excited & knew this name had the vibration I was seeking! I have long been aware that the vibration you put out is what helps you create the life you want. I received guidance that this energy would align & raise the vibration of individuals during this time of rapid change. This is how the new name *Enlightened Energy* Coaching came to be.

My vision is to spread as much light as possible by guiding individuals to follow their greatest joy! This will light up their lives & the World!  
Wishing each of you life's greatest blessings!! :)