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Making Your Wishes & Dreams Come True

The idea that we all have our "Dreams Come True" reality, but so few are living it, has been on my mind a lot lately. With the New Year coming up, many are wondering..."What is my ultimate reality and how do I create it?"

Fortunately, it is not as difficult as one might think! There are 3 steps that are key to creating your ideal life.

1. Know What You Want -This is a heart thing, not a head thing. If you are still trying to think this one through...good luck. If it is something that you feel deeply in your heart and fills you with joy and gratitude...you are on the right track!

2. Align Your Thoughts, Vibrations & Actions - This is kind of a no-brainer for those who have studied the Law of Attraction. If you do not have these 3 things in place, you are shooting yourself in the foot (sabotaging your efforts).

3. Keep Your Vibe High- Stay in Gratitude, Joy & Appreciation for your new chosen reality. Let it unfold as you stayed aligned and take action on what you want.

Let us not forget that "Imagination to Creation" can make this whole process fun & magical! This is by far my favorite way to create a new reality. If it's not simple, creative & fun...why do it?

May All Your Wishes & Dreams Come True ~ Suzie

Source Connected & Unaffected!

One of the many things I have noticed lately is how easy it is to get tossed about during times of rapid transformation! It can be challenging to stay on an even keel when everything appears to be going smoothly. Throw in a lot of upheaval and that can make it seem nearly impossible.

Those of us who are empathic and highly sensitive seem to be especially susceptible to these chaotic energies. We have to be vigilant about staying out of drama and keeping ourselves soul aligned!  This requires diligence on our part to make sure we  surround ourselves with people who are positive influences and stay away from negativity and discord as much as possible!

We are each here to serve a unique purpose as an intrinsic piece of this puzzle called humanity! If we are going to be "at the effects" of everyone and everything going on outside of us, it will be much more difficult to be the contribution we are meant to be.

There is a tremendous opportunity now for each of us to step up and "Be that change we wish to see in the world!" (Thank you Gandhii!) It is our right and privilege to be seen, heard and known for who we are. And give others the respect to do the same, praying that we will all act from a soul aligned place, operating from love versus fear.  

YES there is a lot going on in the world right now. And YES it can make us feel vulnerable and fearful. But there is also a real opportunity for change on an individual and global level!

Honor yourself by staying Source Connected no matter what!! You will be much more effective in adding your Light to the World!!

Shine Your Light On!! ~ Suzie

Uplevel Your Life!

After hearing the word “Uplevel” beginning around November of last year, I realized that this is what 2017 is all about for me. It's my theme for the year!

This makes so much sense. I have been feeling the need for great change for quite a while now. My soul is yearning for a complete overhaul. A new beginning filled with all the things that I love the most!

To begin creating this "Uplevel," I assigned a 'Divine Uplevel Team' to encourage and support me during this process. This was a GREAT start to creating my new, more enlightened lifestyle!!

I called on the divine beings who work with me to begin giving me guidance that would help me create my Ideal Life. And I let go of all the things that weren’t working for me! I was no longer willing to receive the same old guidance that was not getting me anywhere. The new guidance had to be useful, helpful, uplifting and support me in creating my ideal life!

As the journey continued… I decided I had to stop rescuing & caretaking others. I needed to focus on me and the new life I was choosing to create! This was tough for me, since it had been so deeply ingrained in my identity. However, I was more than willing to let it go!

The next thing on the list was to get together my “Living the Dream Team.” I like to call it my “LTDT!”  I started to gather a small but powerful list of beings who were interested and committed to living their dreams too! This would provide the physical support I (and others) needed to move forward.

I then received guidance to redefine who I AM. I had to create a new definition of myself (at a soul level) to match this Upleveled, "Dreams Come True Life." I chose to be my highest, most infinite self, fully loved, empowered and supported by myself & all that is!!

Then came letting go of worry, drama, chaos and fear. These things could not longer be a part of this new life. They were not my truth anyway and had to go! The people in my life who were crazy makers had to go as well. I could no longer participate in this old reality. It was time for the new, more authentic me to emerge!

Next, I had to let go of judgment. I could no longer let my ego run amuck with negative thoughts about anyone or anything, including myself. I had to see the very best in everyone and everything! At the very least, I needed to stop resisting them and focus on their soul selves. Releasing judgment would make the previous step (letting go of the worry, fear and drama) much easier!

Then came one of the most important parts of my new life - Gratitude & Appreciation!! It was time to start appreciating everyone and everything. This would allow my point of attraction to rise so I could begin attracting that which I most desired! Not to mention it just feels good to be in gratitude & appreciation. : )
I also needed time alone. My soul needed to be soothed and nurtured into making these necessary changes. I craved this solitude so that I could begin feeling into me and not everyone around me.

The power to Choose was also on the top of my list of changes to be made. I had to learn to trust myself to make the choices that would take me closer to my ideal life. I also needed to affirm that I AM the Conscious Creator of My Life! (And not be led astray by outside influences.)

I also had to learn to let go! I could not stay on “repeat” with my thoughts, feelings and behaviors and expect to get something new. I had to give myself permission to release a past and allow a new, more authentic way of being into my life.

Most of all, I had to Love Myself Free of the things that no longer served me so I could live my ideal life! The life I have been longing for... and now have the courage to live.

Peace & Blessings to You All ~ Suzie

When Love Came to Town!

I have been waking up to the song “When Love Came to Town” (U2, B.B. King) for the past month or so. This song is beyond relevant right now. With such massive change occurring individually and collectively, it gets right to the “heart” of the matter ~ love.

No matter where you are in life, it seems the lesson of the moment is love…love of self, others & humanity. Love for everyone, everything, & every experience. It seems so simple, yet many of us are still struggling with this one. We have been operating from outdated fear based, survival mode for far too long. The time is now to shift from fear to love.

I often wonder why people tend to experience the same situations over and over again, never getting the lesson. Many of us have been “trying to figure this one out” for eons. Once again, the answer is love. Until we have a foundation of love, we will continue acting out of fear and making decisions that don’t serve us or others.

 I received this divine guidance years ago ~ “Forgiveness is the answer always. Love is the key.” At the time, I thought “that makes sense”…but didn’t really get it. It wasn’t until recently that it finally clicked! Unless there is a shift from separation & fear to unity & love, we will keep repeating the same mistakes and creating the same experiences. Our foundation has to be love in order to create a life that truly honors our soul.

After discussing this with some soul sisters the other night, I really began to understand that this is all about the experience of love! Not trying to figure out what is blocking it, just asking to remember that “Love is all there is” and be the experience of it!

There is much discussion about how we have been separating the male and female within ourselves. The male typically representing power and the female representing love. Knowing and integrating at every level this power & divine love is key. The words that come to me are “Love Omnipotent!” I claim this, I live this, I AM this! And so it is.

Divine Blessings from the Heart ~ Suzie Dawson

Turn Your Lights On!

One of many pieces of guidance I have received lately is “Turn your lights on!” It seems each day I am being reminded of this. I will receive a vision of my lights flickering, and this is a sign that my lights need to be turned up to the highest level (much like a dimmer switch all the way up)!!

I have long felt that light activation, which to me is simply connecting to our Brightest Soul Self, is of the highest importance during these changing times. I know that when my lights are on, anything is possible! When they are low, life seems much more difficult. This is when I experience struggle, versus the ease, joy & flow that is our natural state!

Whenever I contemplate what I most want in life, it is that feeling of being totally and fully immersed in the LIGHT that I AM.  It is the feeling I get when every part of me is “beaming” light and I am able to spread this light to everyone I know!! Nothing brings me greater joy than this!

I am certain this is why I was guided to use the words *Enlightened Energy* in my coaching business. My affinity to Being & Spreading  Light made these words a perfect fit for me. I love being a catalyst for others to Be & Stay in their Light!

I have been hearing words like “Lighthouse, Chandelier & Beacon” for longer than I can remember! I know it was my angels and guides letting me know that this is who I AM and why I am here. These words help me to remember my truth and not get tossed about by outside influences.

I LOVE the feeling of empowerment this brings me! Immediately, I can go from feeling anxious, overwhelmed, tearful, fearful, etc. to feeling like my bright, light, Soul Connected Self again. This has taken much practice over the years and is such a gift to me!

Luckily, I have an amazing “divine team” that I can call on to help keep me in these high vibrational, sparkling, light filled energies! Actually everyone has access to their own “divine team!” All you have to do is call on them to help you. It is a wonderful feeling to know that these beloved beings have your back and will support you in whatever you choose to create!

How can you tell if people have their lights on? If you see someone who is shining, sparkling, glowing, flowing…chances are good that their lights are on. When someone appears dull and lifeless, their lights are probably off. You can tell immediately! Those that have their lights on are typically “Lovers of Life”...and life loves them right back!

For me, this is all about choice. I can choose to BE in this light that I AM, my highest truth, or I can choose to have my dimmer set on low.  Lights on feels GREAT! Lights off, not so great. It is all up to me.

“I Live in the Light,
 I Play in the Light,
 I AM the Light!!”

Brightest & Lightest of Blessings to You!! ~ Suzie Dawson 


Your Future Self Has the Answers!

I woke up in the middle of the night, as I often do, thinking "What else is possible for me?” I then began talking to my future self and asking what it took to create the changes I was seeking. There were so many.

I started asking my future self questions like, "How did I stay connected to my Source (the highest truth of who I AM) and free  from outside influence? How did I sustain this connection to my Source/Light, while others around me were unconsciously choosing to remain in the dark?  What did it take to step up and become the ‘Leader in Light’ my heart was calling me to be?"

And last but not least, "Who did I have to BE to live the Enlightened Life that I felt was my Highest Calling?" These were the questions popping into my head and I was determined to receive answers!

The first thing I heard was, "Give yourself permission to be your most expanded, authentic self. This is who you came to BE. Give yourself the time and space to dis-identify (and disentangle!) from those around you & connect to the truest version of YOU. This will allow you to move BEYOND where you are to create something new, amazing and beautiful!"

Then other words started popping- "Belonging…Longing to be loved. Permission to just BE...& Leaving the past behind." I was told "You are learning to choose from the heart and teach others how to do the same. Be open."

Although I had many more questions, these were the answers I received that night. I decided I would set the intention to continue getting answers in my dream state to creating my "Dream Life!"

I have several dreams a night that I remember clearly, so this comes easily for me. I have received more reassurance, help and guidance from my dreams than from anywhere else. Those closest to me are used to my conversations starting off with, “I had the most interesting dream last night…” It is always creates a good laugh! :)

I finally fell back asleep after asking all these questions and had the following dream… I was telling a close friend of mine that I wake up each day and say "Thank you for blessing me with Magic, Miracles & All my Heart and Soul's Truest Desires!! And then I intend to keep my heart open and align with my highest self."

I was also told in my dream to ask for 5th dimensional thoughts, feelings, vibrations, & codes for Enlightened Living!

I woke up with a new sense of excitement about my life. I knew it really could be that easy! I really can create my dream reality…and while I dream!

I encourage all of you to experiment with creating your version of a dream life while you dream. Imagine that you are living life feeling more alive, happy and fulfilled than you ever thought possible as you go to sleep! Contemplate how amazing it will feel to spring out of bed each day because your “Dreams Come True Life” is SO Blessed!! You get to live in the joy of creating…and what could be better than that?

Divine Blessings from the Heart ~ Suzie

PS-You can act as if you have no choice or act as if you have ALL the choice. Your choice. :)

Being Your Higher Self

While contemplating what my soul most longs for today, these words came to me- “Being Your Higher Self.” The feeling of this is very profound! As I sit down to integrate this knowing into the core of my being, I am being called to write about it.

What does “being your higher self” mean? To put it in plain and simple terms, it means being your truest, most authentic, soul-aligned self. The YOU that you know you are!! The YOU that is beyond all the roles, identities and stories that play out in your life. And probably have for most of your life.

This guidance just came through – “You are being called to Choose & let go of time.” It no longer serves you! The true YOU exists beyond time, duality & illusion.

 How do we embrace this Higher Self that is yearning to come through? The first thing I hear is to “Get honest with yourself about what is working and release what’s not!”

Then it’s time to redefine who you are (or Wake UP to who you truly are!). This may take some meditation, contemplation, and activation of memories of the truth of YOU. Let this be simple and fun. Play with it and use your imagination to see what you come up with!

Remember, you are not those around you! (On some level you are …but that is for another blog.:) Unplug from everyone and everything around you. Your priority is to stay Soul/Source/Higher Self connected. This is the key to evolving into the truest, highest version of YOU!

Most importantly, begin consciously choosing to be your Highest Self! This takes commitment and focus. Make up an affirmation or mantra that will support you! And stop settling for what no longer serves you!!

You know who you are and why you are here. It is time to take the blinders off. The true you is more glorious than anything you can imagine!

The world is waiting for your Light, Bright, Soul Self to come shining through!! It’s time to let the real you come out and play!

Divine Blessings from the Heart ~ Suzie

"Sparkletania" ~ A Magical Place

My husband and I were recently gifted a 3 night stay at a glorious hotel in Port Aransas (on the Texas Coast) for our 20th wedding anniversary. We were so excited when a friend called and gave us the news! Actually, my husband would not tell me where we were going, just to pack and get ready for our get-a-way. :)

As we arrived, I was beyond delighted to find that we were in a lovely hotel overlooking a magical pool that changed colors to the most vibrant shades of pink, blue and purple! I couldn't wait to get in the next day!

Luckily, it was slow season and there were few people at the pool. It was a bright, sunny day and the temperature was perfect! About an hour after I arrived, a family of four came to enjoy the pool. I didn't think anything of it at first, but when they started interacting with each other, I was mesmerized!! They were having the time of their lives!

I felt like I was watching a magical play! They were laughing and pretending like they were in a place called "Sparkletania." The kids were squealing with joy!! It was a pure delight to watch.

The husband began talking to his daughter and telling her that she was the "Queen of Sparkletania." And the son was obviously the "King of Sparkletania!" They had these play wands and were splashing around talking about how fun it was to live in this magical place!

About an hour into it, I couldn't stand it anymore. I asked if I could join them! Since my husband often jokingly refers to me as "sparkles," I felt like I should fit right in! They said "of course!" I then had the pleasure of being part of their made up magical world for a brief moment in time.
Afterward, I kept thinking that this place they called "Sparkletania" seemed more real to me than actual reality. After all, aren't our lives supposed to be fun & magical...filled with sparkly, bright, shiny things that delight our souls? Have we been "missing the mark"  by making things so serious?? I felt supremely lucky that this reality did seem so real and true for me!  

I encourage each of you to find your own "Sparkletania!!" That place where you feel more exuberance and joy than you ever thought possible!! A place where your heart is filled with so much delight you can hardly stand it! And you keep saying to yourself, "How does it get any better than this?"

Your inner child is calling to you to get out and play! Are you listening?
May you each have a Magical, Mystical & Beyond kind of day!!
PS-"How does it get any better than this?" is one of my favorite Access Conscious questions! www.accessconsciousness.com



The Greatest Gift!

I recently had a session with a highly gifted psychic that made a profound impact on my life!  From the moment we got on the phone, he was able to see beyond any illusions, stories, roles and identities that I have been in to see the “real me.” He reflected back to me the truth of who I am and why I am here.

This was the greatest gift I could have received! To have someone recognize your true soul identity…your magnificence, brilliance, light & beyond is a sacred gift indeed. With a little practice and intention, we can all start recognizing in others what they fail to see in themselves. This will help bring out the best in everyone!

As we begin this New Year, many of us are focused on leaving the past behind and creating a reality that is aligned with our highest divine potential!  It is the perfect time to begin seeing our true selves (and that of others) and having our worlds reflect that back to us.

This is the year to set ourselves totally and completely free (Moksha!). In order to do this, we must step out of the past and into our most expanded, awakened selves. Free from ego, illusion and all the identities that were keeping us feeling so trapped inside.   

We must also set ourselves free from the Collective Soul. It is time to disidentify from mass consciousness and BE our Highest Selves. This is how we will begin to create lives beyond what we thought possible.

Isn’t it time we each let go of our old identities and stories? Let’s “rewrite” the story of our lives to reflect our highest divine potential!!

Wishing All of You Bliss, Blessings & Beyond in the New Year!! ~ Suzie

PS-The name of this gifted psychic is Dougall Fraser. For more info about him, go to www.psychicdougallfraser.com.

The *Magic* of Eden

In my heart, I feel the enormity of this time for everyone and everything. If we are to open up and receive the gifts of this time, it can be pure magic! It is our chance to create “heaven on earth!” This is what we came here for…not to experience pain, suffering, and miscreation, but to experience the beauty and bounty and glory of who we are!!
My focus lately has been on finding and creating my own personal paradise. By this, I mean connecting with the “inner treasure” that is me…and having my outer world reflect this also. It is not about simply having a beautiful connection with my divinity, but also about creating a life I love! 
My husband and I made a really clear decision recently to sell almost everything we own and move to the beach in Port Aransas, Texas. After living in the same town (San Antonio) for 25 years together, it was a huge decision and one we did not take lightly. We knew if we were truly going to create our reality together and move forward, it was time to move on. I can’t say it wasn’t difficult leaving family and friends behind…but we both knew we had to be true to ourselves and stop living our lives for others.  
Our time at the beach has shown me what it is like to live in a place you love! The bright,whimsical beach rental we chose to stay at is such a reflection of me…more than any other place that we have lived so far. We overlook this amazing salt water pool with thatched palapas and palm trees that light up at night. It is so glorious, that every time I look at it, I simply stare in amazement at how lucky we are to be living here.  
This experience has taught me that it is so important to live in a place you love, that makes your heart sing, where you can truly flourish! It has brought back my undeniable zest for life and gotten me way out of my comfort zone. It has been a “new beginning” on so many levels. 
So many people kept telling me, “Wherever you go, there you are.” Of course this is true. However, I believe life is about following our hearts. In a dream recently, there was a duck that was in a place where there was only dry land.  When he was placed back in his natural environment (water), he thrived! I knew this dream was a reminder that my husband and I are on the right track with our decision to live in a place that feeds our souls!    
May you each be blessed to experience your own “Magical Eden”!!