The 21 Day
*Magical  Manifestival*

"A Fun, Magical, Mystical,
High Vibration Celebration!!"

A virtual festival from February 18th - March 9th designed to help you Create a Magical Life through Celebration & Joy!  

What is included in this Festival of FUN?

  • Magical Ways to Manifest ~ Designed to help you tap into your *magic* to create! (For examples, go to the bottom of the page.)

  • Group Clearing & Activations ~ Divinely guided for the purpose of transforming your lives!

  • Divine Downloads ~ Messages specific to supporting this group in the creation process!

  • 2 Individual Sessions by phone (15 minutes each) to receive divine guidance & support to make sure you get the most out of this Reality Creation Celebration!

You will receive an email every 3 days (7 all together) with content to guide you through the 21 Day *Magical Manifestival*!

Individual guidance & other gifts & surprises will be sent by text. Divine Downloads sent by email. All for the purpose of helping your create your magical reality!

A list of music videos will be included to keep your vibration high & aligned with your desires. Great to play whenever you need a boost! And every festival has to have music! ;)

Go at your own pace. Self care included in the festival! 

To celebrate the launch of the 2nd ever *Magical Manifestival,* I have decided to offer $50 off through Feb 16th!

Fyi…My individual sessions are $200 alone. You get two 15 minute sessions, group clearing and activations, the entire Manifestival & SO much more for less than the cost of a session! ;)

Click the link below & Join the Celebration!! Let the *Magic* begin.;)

*Magical Manifestival* Valentine's Days Special
through Feb 14th - $150

*Disclaimer ~ Take responsibility for your creations! Remember, you must do your part in the co-creative process. Please use your Magical Manifesting skills responsibly. ;) Be conscious of where you wave your magic wand!
Magical Ways to Manifest (These are just a few…many more will be given during the festival!)
  • Reality Creation Vibration Machine ~ Your own personal manifesting machine filled with the right frequencies to match your desires!
  • Your Unique Symbol ~ Designed to support YOU energetically to create your desired reality!
  • Awakened Inner Child ~ He/she can be your greatest ally & is just waiting to connect & play with you!!  
These will be explained in greater detail during the festival!