The 21 Day
 "Magical Manifestival"

*A Fun, Magical, Mystical,
High Vibration Celebration!!*

A virtual festival from November 7th - 27th designed to help you Create a Magical Life through Celebration & Joy!

What is included in this Festival of FUN?  

  • Magical Ways to Manifest ~ Designed to help you tap into your *magic* to create! (For examples, go to the bottom of the page.)
  • Frequency Magic ~ The right frequency mix to match your desires!
  • Freedom Codes ~ Divinely given to me for the purpose of helping others transform their lives! 
  • Divine Downloads ~ Messages specific to supporting this group in the creation process!
  • Individual Session by phone (1 hour) to receive divine guidance & support to make sure you get the most out of this Reality Creation Celebration!

You will receive an email every 3 days (7 all together) with content to guide you through the 21 Day *Magical Manifestival*!!

Individual guidance & other gifts & surprises will be sent by text. Divine Downloads sent by email. All for the purpose of helping your create your magical reality!

Occasional Music Videos sent by text to keep your vibration high & aligned with your desires. Every festival has to have music! ;)

Go at your own pace. Self care included in the festival! 

To celebrate the launch of the festival, I have decided to keep enrollment open until November 18th (and honor the $50 off)! You can jump right in and won't miss a thing.:)

Fyi…My individual sessions are $200 alone. You get the session & SO much more for less than the cost of a session! ;)

Click the link below & Join the Celebration!! Let the *Magic* begin.;)

*Magical Manifestival*  $172 ~ Including 1 session!($222 - $50 off to celebrate launch!)

PS-If you came to Play, this is for YOU! 

*Disclaimer ~ Take responsibility for your creations! Remember, you must do your part in the co-creative process. Please use your Magical Manifesting skills responsibly. ;) Be conscious of where you wave your magic wand!


Magical Ways to Manifest (These are just a few…many more will be given during the festival!)

  • Magical Manifesting Team ~ These can include beings from the magical kingdoms (fairies, unicorns, mermaids & more!), angels, guides, ancestors, nature devas & so many others!

  • Reality Creation Vibration Machine ~ Your own personal manifesting machine filled with the right frequencies to match your desires!

  • The Merge Technique ~ Merging your Higher Self with Who You Choose to Be!

  • Your Unique Symbol ~ Designed to support YOU energetically to create your desired reality!

  • Magical Sacred Space ~ Creating a designated space with objects that will help you attract what you want.

  • Awakened Inner Child ~ He/she can be your greatest ally & is just waiting to connect & play with you!!  

Self Care & Self Love ~ The MOST important areas to master in magical manifesting!! With those 2 in place, your greatest dreams can come true!

These will be explained in greater detail during the festival!