*Enlightened Energy*
 "I Live in the Light,
  I Play in the Light,
  I LOVE the Light!!" 

What is Enlightened Energy?
*Enlightened Energy* is designed to provide energetic support during these rapidly changing and exciting times! I received guidance during a dream state that I would be working with a divine group of beings using this energy to help raise the vibration of humanity.
Imagine the light of 10,000 suns pouring into you, clearing, revitalizing and raising your vibration to increasingly new levels! This helps you stay in the higher, lighter vibrations of your Highest Self.
*Raising your vibration is the #1 way to start attracting a life you love! It is the ultimate LOA (Law of Attraction) tool for those who wish to create their best life! It not only helps you, it helps the planet!*
*Enlightened Energy* is used during personal sessions to align your vibration with your desires. To schedule a personal session,  click on "Services."

Thank you to everyone for participating in the Enlightenment of Your Life & the Planet!! May you each be blessed infinitely & abundantly!! :)