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Enlightened New Year!
You Must Put Yourself 1st!
Your Dreams Come True!
Source Connected & Unaffected!
Uplevel Your Life!


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Dreams Come True
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Put Yourself 1st!
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Awakening, Freedom, Ascension

Enlightened New Year!

Is it time to create a Higher Version of YOU? What about creating a life that truly delights and honors your SOUL? Could you allow yourself to experience a Full Kaleidoscope of COLORS that "Light Up" Your Life in ways you never thought possible?

What if NOW was your opportunity to bring ALL of who you are into this Highest, Lightest, Brightest Version of YOU!! Imagine the possibilities you could EXPAND into as this New You Emerges?

How much of your unique LIGHT could you add, not only to your life, but to the World??

What would it take for YOU to be the Dream That Became a Reality? How much would that inspire others around you to live their Dreams??

Isn’t it time you allow yourself to have More FUN than ever Creating a Life You LOVE?  

Let Your Inner Child Out to Play!! She/He is an important part of your Magical Manifesting Journey!

May Creativity, Celebration & Joy propel you towards this new life You Know You Deserve!!
Have a *Magical* New Year!! ~ Suzie

Being Your Higher Self

While contemplating what my soul most longs for today, these words came to me- “Being Your Higher Self.” The feeling of this is very profound! As I sit down to integrate this knowing into the core of my being, I am being called to write about it.

What does “being your higher self” mean? To put it in plain and simple terms, it means being your truest, most authentic, soul-aligned self. The YOU that you know you are!! The YOU that is beyond all the roles, identities and stories that play out in your life. And probably have for most of your life.

This guidance just came through – “You are being called to Choose & let go of time.” It no longer serves you! The true YOU exists beyond time, duality & illusion.

 How do we embrace this Higher Self that is yearning to come through? The first thing I hear is to “Get honest with yourself about what is working and release what’s not!”

Then it’s time to redefine who you are (or Wake UP to who you truly are!). This may take some meditation, contemplation, and activation of memories of the truth of YOU. Let this be simple and fun. Play with it and use your imagination to see what you come up with!

Remember, you are not those around you! (On some level you are …but that is for another blog.:) Unplug from everyone and everything around you. Your priority is to stay Soul/Source/Higher Self connected. This is the key to evolving into the truest, highest version of YOU!

Most importantly, begin consciously choosing to be your Highest Self! This takes commitment and focus. Make up an affirmation or mantra that will support you! And stop settling for what no longer serves you!!

You know who you are and why you are here. It is time to take the blinders off. The true you is more glorious than anything you can imagine!

The world is waiting for your Light, Bright, Soul Self to come shining through!! It’s time to let the real you come out and play!

Divine Blessings from the Heart ~ Suzie